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The midwife at Descending Dove Nurse-Midwifery Inc.

Jyl Krentz, MN, ARNP, CNM

Jyl obtained her CNM at Emory University and has been practicing midwifery for 22 years. She loves it! She has presided at over 1200 births including the home births of two of her  5 beautiful grandchildren. She believes that Home is the ideal place to give birth, giving a woman much more control of her surroundings and body, and the events of her birth,while maintaining safety and non-intervention in the normal process! . Homebirth has been proven to be as safe as hospital birth for low risk women. Even some factors defined as "high risk" may not preclude you having a homebirth. Care is indiviualized.

Jyl has extensive experience in multiple settings including home, high tech hospitals ,tiny rural clinics, inner city practices and literally a small hut with a dirt floor on a mission trip to Vietnam.She has been helping homebirth families on the Treasure Coast for 8 years now. Experience matters! She has lots of tricks of the trade available to help you have the best pregnancy and birth possible.

As a certified nurse midwife, she has additional training in ongoing care of healthy women, as well as prescriptive privileges in Florida, and can help you with your non-pregnant health needs. Her leaning is toward natural methods of healing , growing your baby and trusting your body,however, if you need more mainstream guidance, that is also available. She is flexible to care for you the way you most need.

 We have several skilled assistants to help in the office and at your homebirth.